AAUP condemns UNC system and censors Linfield

The Council of the American Association of University Teachers voted on Thursday to condemn the University of North Carolina system for “violating AAUP-supported standards of governance by not participating in planning and efforts joint with faculty, to engage in appropriate self-restraint, to consult with faculty meaningfully when changing search and appointment procedures, and to fulfill their responsibility to serve as champions of their institutions when their support was urgently needed. Specifically, the AAUP cited “the 2015 closure of three of the system’s academic policy centers, the non-renewal of distinguished law professor Eric Muller to the UNC press board and the adoption of a 2017 North Carolina State Freedom of Speech Policy.’ legislation on UNC’s seventeen campuses.

The UNC has defended these actions in the past.

The AAUP Council also:

  • Censored Linfield University for firing Daniel Pollack-Pelzner, a tenured English professor who spoke out against multiple allegations of sexual misconduct by university board members. The university said, “In light of the legal issues surrounding the litigation and legal claims that may be at issue, the university was unable to be able to participate or provide information to AAUP. As a result, the report was released without an opportunity to hear the university’s perspective on these issues. »
  • Lifted the 2019 censorship of St. Edward’s University for firing tenure-track faculty members. The AAUP noted the existence of a new policy, adopted under a new president and approved by the faculty, “in which the burden of demonstrating adequate cause rests with the administration.”

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