Amatrium launches Patent Analysis, an AI-powered, data-driven search engine for materials patents

An advanced materials patent search and analysis platform developed by to help navigate the complex landscape of intellectual property in the materials industry.

The patent analysis tool developed by Amatrium is a powerful tool that inventors, companies and legal advisors can use to navigate the patent landscape. »

— Steven Feldman, Partner, Hahn Loeser & Parks, LLP

BOSTON, MA, USA, February 28, 2022 / — Amatrium Patent Analysis is a comprehensive materials patent search software for inventors and intellectual property attorneys in the materials industry. It helps users navigate a large and complex IP landscape and develop business strategies for their IP portfolio. It accelerates the process of bringing innovations to market and monetizing intellectual property by performing comprehensive patent analyzes in seconds.

Amatrium’s latest software suite includes a user-friendly interface, data visualization and downloadable reports extracted from extensive patent databases, both public and internal. Whether you are an inventor or an IP attorney in the materials industry, patent analysis helps you assess the patentability of inventions before investing in patent applications. In addition to this, the in-depth analysis gives you an idea of ​​the patent landscape to identify the spaces available for innovation.

“The Patent Analysis Tool developed by Amatrium is a powerful tool that inventors, companies and legal advisors can use to navigate the patent landscape,” said Steven Feldman, Partner, Hahn Loeser & Parks, LLP. , one of the first customers of the product.

“One of the biggest challenges for materials companies is navigating through what has already been invented to eliminate ‘reinventing the wheel’; Patent analysis helps solve this problem for engineers and scientists in industry,” said Dr. Nhon Vo, the founding investor of Amatrium.

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About Amatrium:

Amatrium, a Massachusetts technology company, specializes in artificial intelligence and machine learning software for the materials industry. Amatrium has received significant support from respected industry investors including Professor David Dunand (Northwestern University, MIT), Adam Loukus (MTU, Loukus Tech), Dmitry Shashkov (McKinsey, Honeywell), Hai-Nam Nguyen (Paris-Saclay , JP Morgan), and serial entrepreneur, Uldis Leiterts. For more details, see the company’s website:

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