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Letter from Midas

Letter from Midas

Blockchain Technologies’ Google Search Engine | Elementus


Just as the telephone network has a directory in the Yellow Pages, and the global web has Google as its search engine, Elementus constructs a global index function for the blockchain.

“Entering the blockchain, a very large transparent and open network, but difficult to understand and use properly without a global indexing function, is what we aim to build at Elementus” – Max Gulka, CEO of Elementus

While it is important that blockchain technology and crypto transactions are private so that information such as banking information is not readily available to the world, blockchain does require some form of transparency. It would be too dangerous for people to get involved if criminals could use the blockchain freely and rampantly.

“For blockchain technology, for cryptocurrency to be adopted, there are two things that are strictly necessary: ​​one, people have to be able to transact privately and not have their information out in the open. What is also necessary is that the laws are enforceable. – Max Gulka, CEO of Elementus

Elementus has created solutions that are currently used by major US government agencies to solve cyber investigations such as Russian Syndicates, Trafficking and Money Laundering.

The company bringing understanding, auditability and transparency to blockchain also offers solutions used by financial institutions to build the future of finance and commerce on the foundation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

“We work with law enforcement to help them catch the bad guys, help them track the money and see where it goes like ransomware, human traffickers, darknet markets. We also work with financial institutions and other crypto custodians to protect them from risk, to make sure that they don’t connect to any of these illicit players on the chain and that the ecosystem develops the need to be able to see with who you interact with. with and what is happening on the chain as being a basic need of anyone operating on the blockchain. – Max Gulka, CEO of Elementus

Watch the full interview to learn about the problems the first universal blockchain search engine solves, the balance between privacy and lack of transparency in blockchain and digital currencies, and future blockchain technologies.


00:00 – Max Gulka, CEO of Elementus
00:38 – Company presentation and value proposition
02:47 – Balancing with blockchain privacy
06:45 – Palantir Technologies $PLTR software licensing and data tracking
09:46 – Centralizing blockchain issues
12:10 p.m. – Lightning Network “layer 2” crypto payment protocol
14:48 – Elementus customers

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