Brave’s search engine already serves over 4.5 billion searches a year

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Brave Search en courage seekera new search engine still in beta phase, but whose growth seems to accompany that of the browser that it has supplemented for a few versions, although it is not exclusive to it.

It was just over a year ago that the Brave search engine first became known, another privacy-focused service from Brave Software, but with functionality that few search engines alternative search engines, those that also respect privacy, the privacy of users, offer their users: independent results the identification of the greats of the sector.

Thus, while for example DuckDuckGo, the main benchmark for alternative search engines, draws heavily on the results of Big or Yahoo!, anonymized for their users and supplemented by their own crawlers, or Startpage does the same with Google results, everything indexed by the Brave search engine is done by its own robots.

Brave Search started its beta phase last year and still in the same condition, with nuances. Since then, it has accumulated a good number of improvements, including translations into different languages, the occasional customization option and, above all, a greater variety of results, also by content (images, videos, news, etc. ).

The best sign that the Brave browser has matured quickly is its inclusion as a default option in the Brave browser, a place of responsibility it covers quite well, although it still has a long way to go to catch up with the spearheads. of his class. . This is to continue to refine the experience and popularize it beyond the Brave environment.

Brave Search Growth Update: We’ve passed 12.5 million daily queries, which cancels out to over 4.5 billion queries.

– Brave Software (@brave) May 6, 2022

The company’s most recent statistics indicate moderate but steady growth whereby the Brave search engine is already outpacing the 12.5 million daily searches, which translates to over 4.5 billion searches per year. This now, because the percentages are also increasing every month. And it’s not out of beta yet.

Looking at it from another angle, it’s still a far cry from DuckDuckGo’s 100 million daily searches, but it lacks DuckDuckGo’s track record and inertia, so we’ll have to see what happens when it gains traction and, who knows , spreads to other browsers .

In fact, it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that DuckDuckGo has launched its mobile browser and is preparing to do so on PC, not expressly because of the appearance of Brave Search, but because of the general situation: the best way to support your search engine is to do so with your browser. That’s why Google fits so well with Chrome, Bing with Microsoft Edge, and the Brave search engine with… Brave, of course.

In my opinion, it still needs to improve its performance compared to more mature alternatives, but it looks great. If you want to try the Brave search engine (or add it to your list of search engines), you have it on Brave Search. Where else?

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