Cuba will add a new floating power plant to its electro-energy system

As the Minister of Energy and Mines, Livan Arronte Cruz, reported on his Twitter account, the Caribbean island has finalized an agreement with the Turkish company Karen for the delivery of another floating power plant that will contribute with 15 megawatts (MW) national electricity -energy system.

This unit will complement the existing four, located in Havana Bay and near the Maximo Gomez Baez de Mariel thermoelectric plant, in Artemisa, as part of the Turkish company’s first project in Latin America.

Energy technology ships allow the maintenance of other thermoelectric power plants, contribute to increasing the national reserve and substitute the use of diesel, one of the most expensive fuels of the generation.

The news came the same day the Electric Union reported service outages, due to outages at the No. 1 unit in Felton and a unit in Nuevitas.

The interruptions will be programmed by the respective territories, in order to reduce the inconvenience for the population, according to a note published on the site of the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

In addition, work is underway on the maintenance of four thermoelectric power stations to guarantee the stability of this service during the summer, as well as on the restoration of two units in the Mariel CTE.


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