External load sling system for Ansat approved

JSC Helicopters’ Kazan Helicopter Plant has received approval from the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) to equip the Ansat helicopter with an external loading system. The certification of the new functionality allows the transport of oversized loads and the use of Ansat in firefighting.

Now the Ansat helicopter is capable of carrying up to a ton of cargo on the external sling. It should be mentioned that during tests at the Kazan Helicopter Plant, the helicopter reached a height of 3.7 km with 600 kg of cargo on board. The speed of the plane was 180 km / h. Ansat’s maximum take-off weight with the external sling was reduced from 3,600 to 3,800 kg.

Specialists of the flight test complex of the Kazan Helicopter Plant also carried out a series of tests of the Ansat fire extinguisher system with a water evacuation device. It is attached to the external sling and does not affect the design characteristics of the helicopter.

“Our task is to make Ansat a versatile helicopter capable of performing a wide range of tasks. The growing number of options available, among other things, expands Ansat’s search and rescue capability, which is important for our customers For example, in 2020 the first Ansat joined the Northwest Aviation Rescue Center’s airline fleet and we expect Ansat’s new capabilities to form the basis for future cooperation with the Ministry of Situations. Russia’s emergency, ”said Nikolay Kolesov, CEO of JSC Russian Helicopters.

Another new option approved for the Ansat is a searchlight, which can be used during search and rescue missions in combination with an on-board winch. The Ansat helicopter has also been approved for the installation of a special “heel” on the landing gear skids, the so-called “bear claws”, which are used to land the aircraft on a loose soil. In addition, under the contract to supply helicopters for the National Air Ambulance Service, the installation of FSD-134M home control LED landing lights developed by the Research Institute of Micro Devices has been approved.

It should be mentioned that in April 2021, the Kazan Helicopter Plant received approval from the Federal Air Transport Agency for the installation of a cargo boom with a winch on the Ansat helicopter. This option allows the safe lifting and lowering of people and goods up to 272 kg. The cargo boom is also essential for search and rescue operations and allows loading and unloading in stationary mode.

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