Gallery: The Dark Web’s Best Search Engines


How to Search the Dark Web

What do freedom fighters, unscrupulous hackers and opportunistic tycoons have in common? They all use the Dark Web and all want traffic.

While the Dark Web can be a haven for illicit activity, the encrypted Internet is also home to innovative startups and creative technologists. There is also a ton of fascinating and legal content on the Dark Web, including Facebook’s dark website, The New Yorker source protection site, and tons and tons of cats.

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Dark websites, like the ones on this list, require the Tor browser to access, but just like the clearnet, thousands of sites are indexed and viewed using search engines. Some search engines, like Grams and Helix, have a sleek design. Others, like Torch, are straightforward and return a variety of URLs, some legal and useful, others broken, others clearly illegal.

This is a list of the most useful, popular, and interesting Dark Web Search Engines.

Before jumping on Tor and starting digging, novices and experts alike should exercise caution and caution when visiting the Dark Web. While many of these sites return benign content, much of the Dark Web is NSFW. TechRepublic does not condone illegal or unethical activity. Offensive material can sometimes be just a click away. Navigate at your own risk. Never break the law. Use the Dark Web safely and for legal purposes only.

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