Ganz releases new version of cloud-based machine learning search engine

Using Camio’s AI engine, GanzCloud 2.0 adds real-time natural language search capabilities to any security system.

The GanzCloud 2.0 solution is available with a choice of 1MP, 2MP, and 5MP recording options, as well as multiple storage options. All packages offer features such as person and vehicle detection and object classification.

CARY, NC—Ganz, a maker of smart security systems, announced the release of GanzCloud 2.0, a cloud-based search engine powered by Camio.

The company says its latest product release adds new features and enhancements to GanzCloud’s many capabilities to power proactive threat detection and ongoing event mitigation.

“This partnership celebrates the experience and success of both companies,” said Takeshi Fujita, COO of CBC AMERICA, Ganz’s parent company. “With GanzCloud backed by Camio’s expertise, we are excited to bring this real-time AI solution to our customers.”

GanzCloud 2.0 accommodates a range of system needs

Ganz explains that by using Camio’s advanced, containerized AI video processing pipeline, GanzCloud 2.0 adds real-time natural language search capabilities to any security system. Additionally, the new cloud-based solution features accurate alerting, secure cloud storage, fast search, and algorithms that learn to prioritize critical events.

New features offered by the cloud solution include pan/zoom using any browser without proprietary software, G-Suite directory integration, and simultaneous streaming, which makes a single camera feed available for several functions simultaneously

“Camio’s advanced AI and cloud-native infrastructure, combined with Ganz’s holistic approach to physical security, deliver all the benefits of modern VSaaS in an easily deployable package,” said Carter Maslan, CEO of Camio.

Additionally, the company points out that Ganz customers can now receive real-time alerts on any device or browser and instantly view event summaries for quick triage of events. GanzCloud 2.0 is designed to help address pressing security issues such as unauthorized access (tailgating) and false alarms, and the cloud solution provides tools for multi-property monitoring and occupancy information.

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