Google pays Apple $ 15 billion for default search engine


According to many experts and analysts, Google is paying Apple $ 15 billion to remain the default search engine for its devices, namely Macs, iPhones and iPads. Hence, the amount of money to remain the default search engine in Apple devices is increasing ear to ear.

As we all know, Apple devices have Safari browsers by default on all of their devices. In Android devices, the browser, as well as the search engine, is Google itself. According to reports by several analysts and experts, the amount of money given to Apple by Google is increasing.

It is widely accepted and known that Google pays Apple to keep the search engine of its Safari browser. Therefore, the search engine giant cannot deny that it did not give, perhaps some sort of bribe, to an iOS company.

According to reports and news provided by Bernstein analysts, the search giant paid Apple company nearly $ 10 billion to keep its default search engine. The $ 10 billion amount was also higher than his previous payment of $ 8 billion. Therefore, there is a chance that this amount in the next fiscal year could increase by 10 percent or maybe around.

Many experts believed that paying Apple nearly $ 15 billion could contribute 9% of its gross margin.

It is believed that Google is paying this huge money to remain the Bing search engine for iOS devices because of Microsoft’s search engine. The software giant’s search engine is considered the second-largest because there is nothing in this race to compete with Google.

This deal between the two tech giants has been the subject of much criticism due to the dominance of the search engine industry. Therefore, Apple would have taken a step forward by creating its own search engine rather than depending on others. Here, if the company creates its own search engine, it will not receive search engine payouts by default.

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