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( At this point, you’re probably tired of arguing with strangers in the comments section (where you come up with credible sources and they, in turn, reply with ad hominem remarks) whenever you see a message with questionable information. It’s a bit bewildering when you realize how easily people fall for fake news. No one can blame them, however, especially if they mostly rely on free Facebook data from their service providers, with no way to cross-check the information elsewhere. This is exactly why the Facebook user Miko Santos decided to create Free web search.

If you use free Facebook but need to search for something very quickly, Free Web Search is here for you. “It’s still pretty simple like that but it’s a start,” Santos said in a Facebook post on his profile.

The Messenger-based chatbot can show up to 10 of Google’s top results for each search query, and all you have to do is send the keywords to @FreeWebSearch on Messenger. It can also be used as a ‘primitive web browser’ – just send the full link to the chatbot and it will respond with the text-only version of the webpage you’re trying to visit.


“There’s a good chunk of Facebook users who rely exclusively on its free Facebook sub-features. For these people, Facebook IS the Internet, ”Santos noted, saying the chatbot’s big goal is to prevent the spread of misinformation and fight fake news. “They, more than anyone, need access to reliable information that is not dependent on catchy but misleading article titles and chain messages transmitted endlessly in Messenger without prior research.”

Created only on December 3, the chatbot still encounters some problems from time to time. At the time of writing, Free Web Search can only perform Google searches a limited number of times per day. Santos is currently requesting “a higher API usage quota” from Google to resolve the issue. Its current configuration is “quite expensive to maintain”, but Santos has implemented a online donation campaign for those who are ready to help.

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