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Instagram has long been a mobile-centric service, allowing users on the go to snap photos of their vacations, brunches, sunsets, and more. But the Facebook-owned service has slowly spread to the web, and this week it added the ability to search from the desktop.

The photo-sharing service announced via Twitter the new ability to search for people, places and hashtags online.

The same function is already available for mobile users. Desktop users previously had to use third-party sites like Websta, OnInstagram, Gramfeed, IconoSquare, and FindGram.

Instagram first launched web profiles in 2012, but back then you could only see your own feed. The following year, he added Instagram feeds to the web.

In the same year, Instagram began supporting web integrations, allowing users to embed Instagram snapshots on their websites. This, according to TechCrunch, was particularly successful, with over 5 billion impressions.

The web extension comes about a month after the social network upgraded its iOS and Android apps with a redesigned Explore tab, which now shows a list of trending places and tags, as well as photo thumbnails from around the world.

All Instagrammers also had the option to search by location; now it’s easier to find your next vacation spot or just discover your new neighborhood. Also search through all usernames, real names, hashtags and locations at once in the new “Top” section.

Instagram rolled out upgrades throughout the year, including a new Vine-like video loop, color tools, and clickable emoji hashtags (except Eggplant). The company also introduced interactive advertising, then expanded its offering to include targeted and “action-oriented” advertising.

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