Kolkata Municipal Corporation Launches One-Stop Search System for Property Arrears Information | Calcutta News


KOLKATA: The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) on Saturday announced the launch of a facility to obtain a certificate of charge against specific premises or assessed numbers to help potential buyers and investors know where to there is a charge against the address in KMC’s records.
Although this function was also available earlier, the researcher had to go to different departments to collect the information. A KMC official admitted on Saturday that the previous process was cumbersome and that the new facility would make real estate transactions much easier.

Sources within the KMC said that feedback was requested from several civic departments, such as survey, assessment, construction, water supply and sanitation and drainage, before launching the installation. “Data from these departments was critical before we could officially launch the facility and offer it to the public,” said a KMC official.
City commissioner Binod Kumar said the facility would make doing business in the city easier. “We want to make sure that no citizen is needlessly harassed. Helping citizens to obtain hassle-free certificates of charge is the essence of this civic program, ”said the Commissioner.
Petitions can be made on the amount of unpaid property tax with pause, unpaid water supply and drainage tax, the pending court case and the amount of pending license fees.
The Confederation of Real Estate Developers Associations of India, an umbrella body of builders, as well as real estate consultants who deal with the sale of properties, welcomed the move and said it would go a long way in improving the ease of doing business.
Currently, a potential home buyer or a developer intending to purchase a property should research various KMC departments including property tax, water and wastewater to find out unpaid amounts. “It usually takes at least a week to 10 days to get the research results from each department. If KMC sets up a one-stop-shop system, it will save time and effort, ”said Credai Bengal chairman Nandu Belani.
Arrears must be cleared before a construction plan can be submitted for sanction.
Realtors also said it would help individual buyers of properties in particular, as they would otherwise not know which departments to contact and who to contact for the required information. “It’s a very gradual decision,” said Biplab Kumar of NK Realtors.

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