Lockheed to upgrade Australia’s Aegis combat system for $ 33 million

Lockheed Martin Australia a secured a $ 33 million contract to upgrade the Aegis Combat System (ACS) on the Hobart-class Air Warfare Destroyer fleet of the Royal Australian Navy.

As part of the two-year deal, the defense company will provide advanced naval combat systems engineering services for the country’s air and missile defense.

The contract covers configuration updates and a sustainable baseline for sustaining the Royal Navy combat system.

Managing Director of Lockheed Martin Australia Warren mcdonald explained that the newly signed agreement will help “provide and maintain capabilities” that play a vital role in defending the interests of Australia and other allies in the Indo-Pacific.

He added that the company looks forward to working with the Australian Navy and other industry partners to ensure a successful upgrade of ACS and help improve protection for naval forces.

The contract would help maximize opportunities for Australian engineers, as it is expected to create 40 new engineering and project management jobs.

The Aegis combat system

Widely regarded as the world’s most advanced combat system, the ACS is a naval warfare suite, equipped with the SPY-1 multi-element multi-function radar for search, detection and tracking of air and surface targets. .

The system can simultaneously attack land targets, submarines and surface ships while automatically engaging defenses to protect the fleet from enemy planes and missiles.

Lockheed Martin and the Aegis combat system continue to keep pace with the evolution of air threats and integrated missiles, introducing new capabilities to create the latest generation of advanced semiconductor technologies, integrated with the Aegis system, to provide world-class defense and ensuring the future safety and security ”, the company declared on its website.

Representative Lockheed Martin Australia Rob milligan is committed to leveraging the best of the nation’s industrial capability to deliver complex ACS upgrades while supporting a business of harmonized combat systems for Hobart-class destroyers.

He explained that upgrading the ACS on the nation’s warships will ensure greater global interoperability and maritime domain awareness for naval forces.

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