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NEW YORK, December 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Lucata, supplier of a next-generation IT architectural extension for Intel® High-performance, massively scalable graphics analysis processing technology, today announced the launch of the new Lucata Pathfinder server for large-scale production applications. Leveraging Pathfinder’s performance and scalability breakthroughs, banks can identify fraudulent credit card applications and account usage in real time, dramatically reducing the more than $ 149 billion in annual losses of debit and credit cards which they now absorb or pass on to consumers.

Cloud-ready and x86-ready, the new Pathfinder is the only commercially available solution that inexpensively bridges the gap between the performance and scalability of conventional servers and the capabilities of supercomputers for big data graph analysis. . A single Pathfinder chassis rack provides the same graphics analysis processing power as 16 Intel racks® Xeon® servers consuming 1/10e the power. Massively scalable, up to 8,000 Pathfinder chassis can be combined without clustering software.

Pathfinder leverages patented Migrating Thread technology that moves compute threads to data rather than data to processors. This translates into orders of magnitude lower network traffic and CPU and memory utilization rates up to 60 times higher than conventional computing.

Pathfinder’s value for money allows companies to implement a wide range of high-value use cases at a speed and scale that were previously too expensive, too slow, or just impossible to accommodate. current server technology. Financial fraud detection, cybersecurity threat detection, logistics and supply chain management, pharmaceutical computer modeling, retail recommendation engines, and more.

“The Intel Xeon-based interface makes it easy to integrate Pathfinder into any data center. The massive scalability and low operating costs make Pathfinder a major advance in the technology available to perform analysis on large graphical databases, ”said Marty Deneroff, COO of Lucata. “The performance, scalability and operating cost benefits of Pathfinder demonstrate the dramatic increase in performance and scalability made possible by our patented Migrating Thread technology. “

“We envision a future when we deliver the next generation of Pathfinder, which will deliver a further 10x improvement in performance and 16x improvement in memory scalability while reducing production costs. It will increase graphical analysis performance by more than double what today’s largest supercomputers can provide at a fraction of their cost, ”said Michael Maulick, CEO of Lucata. “We are also developing, under an SBIR grant from the National Science Foundation, support for simultaneous query and update capabilities of graphical databases. “

Pathfinder enables organizations to leverage huge pools of physical memory to accelerate and scale graphical analysis and training of AI and ML models by orders of magnitude beyond the capabilities of computational approaches conventional. The solution enables high-performance exascale graph analyzes, including full width-first search (BFS), on un-pruned and unpartitioned massive graph databases. Lucata can be used with open source or commercial graphics software or with custom graphics solutions that leverage LAGraph, GraphBLAS, or the Lucata library of algorithms, allowing organizations to use their existing software to discover much deeper connections in graphics. much larger than possible today. These unique capabilities allow organizations to reimagine the potential of graphical analytics, AI, and ML and tackle intractable challenges in fraud detection, cybersecurity, blockchain, risk assessment, healthcare. health and many other areas. Lucata delivers extremely high performance for a wide variety of common big data computing use cases that cannot be cost-effectively addressed with conventional IT architectures.

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Lucata’s next-generation computing architecture leverages Intel technology to enable organizations to accelerate and scale graphical analysis by orders of magnitude beyond the capabilities of conventional computing approaches. Lucata leverages patented Migrating Thread technology to massively scale unified memory and perform high-performance graphical analysis, including full width-first search (BFS), on massive, un-pruned databases and not partitioned. Organizations can now use their existing graphics database software or custom graphics solutions to analyze deeper connections on much larger graphics than ever before using conventional servers. Lucata solutions support revolutionary graphical analysis and improved machine learning and AI for organizations in financial services, cybersecurity, logistics, blockchain, healthcare, research in life sciences, telecommunications, e-commerce, government and more. The company has offices in Palo Alto, New York City, and South Bend, Indiana. For more information, visit

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