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DuckDuckGo is an alternative browser for users who want to browse the Internet without fear that their data will be collected, stored and used against them. With that, the privacy-focused web browser now works on its own Mac version for Apple users.

DuckDuckGo search engine protects user privacy

According to the story of CultofMac, DuckDuckGo is a search engine that remains quite proud of itself to protect the privacy of its users. To add, the company behind it is now building its own web browser for Mac users.

The web browser promises to be simple and fast while including robust privacy features that are already enabled by default. To add, DuckDuckGo will feature its popular “Fire Button”, which simply erases all users’ private data with a single click.

The web browser will not rely on third-party engines

It will also be built directly to use native browser technologies. This means that DuckDuckGo will not need to rely on third-party engines.

At the moment, DuckDuckGo already offers a Privacy Essentials plugin for Mac users bringing a wide range of its features to Safari. Users will be able to encrypt their connection, block trackers and even view the privacy ratings of websites they visit.

DuckDuckGo on App Store

DuckDuckGo already has a standalone web browser available on the App store, including all of its standard features and many more already enabled by default. Soon, according to the publication, there will also be a desktop version designed for Apple Mac.

According to a blog post by SpeedPrivacy, the company said that DuckDuckGo for desktops would be able to redefine user expectations for everyday online privacy. They noted that this means no complicated settings, misleading warnings, and no “levels” of privacy protection.

Native DuckDuckGo on Mac

The DuckDuckGo browser, according to CultofMac, will automatically protect almost everything users do on the web, including searching, emailing, browsing, and more. It has been said that DuckDuckGo doesn’t take any shortcuts, and instead of relying on its existing browser platform, it will start from scratch.

The upcoming browser will be fully Mac native and will use Apple’s rendering technology. With this, DuckDuckGo can eliminate a lot of unnecessary “clutter” and “cruft” accumulated over the years for many major browsers.

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Cleaner, private and faster

The browser should be simplified and as efficient as possible on the Mac, just like Safari itself. To add, unlike Chrome, the DuckDuckGo desktop app remains cleaner, more private, and much faster as well as publishing.

The desktop browser also brings the Fire button, which was extremely popular for DuckDuckGo mobile users. With that, it’s still unclear when the browser will drop, but according to CultofMac, they expect to hear more in 2022.

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