Meme search engine: 1 apps makes it easier for you to find the perfect meme [How to Use]


Whether we like it or not, memes are now part of the way we interact; we even use memes as references in our daily life.

Iterating over existing memes, on the other hand, can be an unnecessarily awkward user experience. You will need to choose a meme template first and then find out how to add text, which may result in converting Instagram story drafts to photo editing software.

And now, a memes search engine has finally been invented.

Antimatter’s Reverse Meme Search app, which was introduced for the web and iOS today, October 23, does the work for you instead of browsing Google photos for a clean model of the current meme. .

Just download a meme and the software will give you a blank canvas to work with.

On apps like Reddit and Twitter, you can long-press a photo and then tap the Invert app icon when iOS asks you where you want to share the image.

Once you find the template, you can use the in-app image editor to add text to the meme and customize the font, color, size, and location of the text.

Comic sans is not available in the app, which appears to be a deliberate exclusion.

TechCrunch put the program to the test, and while a Spider-Man pointing joke was simple to reverse, the meme’s reverse lookup was instantly blocked by a fried Owen Wilson meme.

It’s the first image that appears when you search for Fried Memes on Google Images, but it’s not necessarily a template.

In Photoshop, you probably couldn’t completely remove text and emojis from a fried meme.

Therefore, even though the “Meme Concierge” is just “a human with 16GB RAM and two USB-C ports” as the email claims, this meme finder app is a useful service. .

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Jonathan Libov, the founder of Antimatter, declined to explain how the memes search engine program works.

The app meme still lacks clarity in its actual purpose of whether it is a program that only does a reverse image search, or the app just helps recognize the meme you’re looking for and to resend the model you want.

Additionally, an obvious feature of the memes search engine is that it automatically removes text from the image you are looking for.

However, given that the online news website blocked the app with Fried Owen Wilson, it’s likely a reverse image search, but now anyone trying to generate their own Fried Owen Wilson meme will not need to use the janitor as the template is now in their system.

With that, the app appears to be a combination of Instapaper and Pinterest, as well as Figma.

According to Libov, the two main characteristics are: first, the collection of visuals, finally, more than just template memes, any visual that you find useful and meaningful; and second, store them in your library.

Antimatter is a peer-to-peer learning and education startup, and Reverse Meme Search is part of the creative experience they wanted to share with the public ASAP.

The Antimatter website claims it was inspired by the internet’s many fantastic learning memes groups.

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