Microsoft updates PowerToys with built-in web search

Microsoft has released the latest version of its PowerToys Windows customization tool with a host of new features.

Version 0.53.1 includes the ability to keep a window on top of all others, as well as a built-in web search function.

“The v0.53 release cycle was designed for a maintenance sprint, but with incredible community support it is loaded with greatness,” Microsoft said of its GitHub page for the latest version.

The “Always on Top” feature allows users to toggle the targeted window to stay in the foreground by pressing Win + Ctrl + T. This feature also allows a border around the pinned window, making it easier to identify. , which could be useful for prioritizing a Streaming Media Window when watching a video, for example.

It follows the release of the window snapping layout feature in Windows 11 which allows users to save window positions in different configurations.

The web search feature searches the user’s main browser by typing “? In the Run PowerToys dialog box. This was the main update to PowerToys Run, but others included the ability to use factorials in calculations, as well as several bugfixes. It is possible to use browsers other than Microsoft’s default Edge program, which Microsoft recently had easier to replace. Users can also set a different action button if they want.

The third important feature of Microsoft is the ability to preview G-code files using thumbnails and the preview pane. G-code is a popular digital programming language used to control industrial cutting machines.

Other updates to the tool range from a change in the way the color picker function accepts hexadecimal values ​​for numbers to better support for renaming folders in the PowerRename function.

PowerToys is a set of free system utilities for advanced Windows users. Originally built in Windows 95, it was a open source product since Windows 10. Microsoft thanked a series of open source contributors in their release notes.

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