Microsoft Word Search will soon work like Microsoft’s web search



Microsoft recently announced a massive set of improvements to the search experience in Microsoft Word, and at first glance, the goal is to make everything look more like a typical web search.

Microsoft says Word users would be allowed to get relevant information even if there is a typo in the query. This is because Word will be responsible for finding related matches, as happens today when looking for information on a web search engine.

Then the Microsoft Word search function is updated with word shapes. For example, you can search for a technology and get results for the technology. Synonyms would also be supported to give you better results, as would multi-word queries, which are supposed to help you find exactly what you are looking for in a large document.

“We use well-established web search technologies, such as query and document understanding, and add natural language models based on deep learning. This allows us to handle a much larger set of search queries beyond exact match, ”Microsoft explained last month.

Questions and answers

Another welcome improvement to the search experience is support for questions in the search box. In other words, this means that you can actually type a question and then get answers based on the content of your document.

“With recent breakthroughs in deep learning techniques, you can now go beyond common queries based on search terms. The result is answers to your questions based on the content of the document. This opens up a whole new way to find knowledge. When viewing a water quality report, you can answer questions such as “Where does the city’s water come from?” How to reduce the amount of lead in water? ‘ Microsoft explains.

Microsoft says the new search experience should go live for production channel users “soon.”


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