Neck shootings in Scotland raise concern: Police chief slams justice system | Local News

The town of Scotland Neck has faced numerous shootings in recent months, including three in a 12-hour period.

According to a press release from the Scotland Neck Police Department, units from the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call for gunfire around 3 p.m. Monday outside the city limits on NC Road 903 near the projects. While law enforcement was at the scene, another shooting occurred 20 minutes later in the 500 block of East Eighth Street in Scotland Neck, where HNS officers and deputies found a man who had been shot in the back. According to the press release, the victim was transported by EastCare to Greenville and is expected to make a full recovery.

The news release says law enforcement searched a nearby wooded area where officers observed suspects fleeing the scene. The SNPD search was assisted by the HCSO, officers from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, the North Carolina Forest Service and Edgecombe County Emergency Services, who deployed a drone with an infrared camera system.

Information gathered at the scene led to a traffic stop where three minors were detained, one being charged with attempted murder. Other arrests are in progress. A third shooting took place at 10 p.m. later that night in the same area where a house was hit several times without causing any injuries.

Scotland Neck Police Chief John Tippett said in a news release on Tuesday that most of the recent shootings were linked to a murder case that occurred on December 21, 2020 in Enfield.

According to a January 11, 2021 staff report, 20-year-old A’zhavion Khairek Wiggins and 19-year-old Denija Jaheen Parker of Scotland Neck have been arrested and charged with the murder of Enfield resident Deundra, 25. Good. Wiggins had warrants for accessory after the fact to the murder and Parker for murder, two counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy and others.

Read the report titled “1 Other Arrested in Enfield Shooting” at

Tippett continued in the press release and said, “These incidents have been a feud between the defendants in this case as well as the state’s witnesses since 2020, in an effort to weed out the witness testifying in court. He It is likely that these shootings will continue as long as victims and witnesses remain silent.Ninety percent of the calls we receive, as well as the county, where witnesses observe these incidents, inform dispatchers that they will not We believe this is ultimately the result of witnesses not wanting to be involved, due to the time it takes for the courts to process cases, as well as retaliation against witnesses, which which is exactly what is going on in this case.”

He elaborated on another issue in the press release indicating that the violence will continue unless juvenile counseling services and the courts impose harsher sentences for certain crimes.

“Law enforcement across the country is facing challenges where many hours, days, weeks, and even months and/or years of work are spent on investigations to bring justice to the victims and their families and the accused are released, with little without consequences,” Tippett said. “It’s very unfortunate that it’s come to this, but something needs to be done at the state and federal levels. We have made several arrests in the past, and it will be up to the courts to decide the importance of safety in our community. . Occasionally you may see a heavy presence of law enforcement officers in the area. This is part of our commitment to keep you safe as much as possible. We will also continue to work with surrounding agencies to find a solution.

The Herald contacted Tippett for further comment and he said the minors he was talking about were between 14 and 16 years old.

Asked about what he said in the press release regarding the justice system, Tippett said: “I’m probably going to step on some people’s toes in the justice system, but at this point I really don’t care because that’s been ridiculous. But you know, this is happening all over the country, and it’s time for law enforcement to start blaming it on someone else. Because at the end of the day, in my opinion, all of this news and negativity against law enforcement is trickling down to a failing justice system, and they must have someone to blame. We’re devoting all of these hours of work and all of these resources to bringing these people to justice. people, and when we arrest them and take them to jail, they’re pushing us back to Scotland and laughing at us when they come back to town.”

The Herald also contacted Mayor Eddie Braxton, who said it was a frustrating issue to deal with when no one in the community provided information to help law enforcement.

“I don’t know if it’s out of fear or if they will face retaliation,” he said. “But it’s, you know, it really casts a negative light on your community to have all that stuff.”

When questioned, Braxton said it was possible the town of Scotland Neck would declare a state of emergency due to the frequent shootings.

“I think we’re getting closer to where we can do whatever we can because the shootings are happening in the same place – the same houses are being shot down,” he said. “I would feel like if a place creates a negative atmosphere for your community, something can be done about it.”

Call 252-826-4112 or Halifax County Crime Stoppers at 252-583-4444 if you want to participate in the investigations. Tips can be reported anonymously on or through the app.

“Your information is important and highly valued by law enforcement and our community,” Tippett said in the press release.

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