Star Tech: SuperAgent is the first AI-based ranking system for real estate agents in the MENA region – News

New mechanism uses data points to help onboarding seekers find the most responsive agents

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Published: Sat 9 Jul 2022, 7:27 PM

Last update: Sat 9 Jul 2022, 7:52 PM

Property Finder, the region’s leading proptech company, has launched ‘SuperAgent’, the first artificial intelligence (AI) based filing system in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), powered by a platform. – internal data form: Agent Data Assistant (ADA).

The new mechanism, which was launched late last year, uses millions of data points to help home seekers find the most responsive agents, with up-to-date and proven knowledge of properties and communities.

ADA tracks quality patterns by combining agent responsiveness, property listing quality, and agent reports to identify top performers as SuperAgents.

An agent becomes a SuperAgent at Property Finder if they meet the excellence guidelines and provide high quality services to clients. Choosing a super-qualified agent is a 100% automated process that depends on an individual agent’s performance — it’s not something a customer can buy; these are just data-driven decisions to ensure a true SuperAgent.

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Christophe de Rassenfosse, Chief Product Officer at Property Finder, explained how creating new milestones and striving for innovation and excellence define the company.

“For over a decade, we have been committed to creating a trustworthy real estate market where property seekers are protected from fake listings and fraudulent advertisers. We achieved this through our “verified lists”. Now, with the creation of revolutionary new AI technologies, we present to you “SuperAgent”, built on our strong algorithm-based ranking system, ADA.

“ADA adds a layer of science to the analytics workflow, exposing quality scores and response time to reward best-in-class agents for cutting-edge customer experiences, improving the customer journey and building relationships. trust,” de Rassenfosse said.

“Built as an independent algorithm, the SuperAgent system is completely automatic. Using millions of data points, ADA can identify high-quality agents who are doing their best to serve housing seekers in their housing search journey, setting them apart for the quality of their services. It combines large datasets with smart, iterative processing algorithms to learn patterns and rank agents based on their performance. Each time an ADA algorithm performs a data processing cycle, it tests and measures its own performance and develops additional expertise. This means that using Property Finder ensures that housing seekers will be working with the best agents in the area.

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Property Finder is the first real estate market portal in the UAE to offer this enhanced consumer experience. ADA can help identify best-in-class realtors who are committed to helping home seekers find their homes. SuperAgents build trusted partnerships with housing seekers.

According to a recent survey by Property Finder, most real estate leads come through WhatsApp. Of these leads, approximately 36% receive a response from agents within 30 minutes. However, 30% of requests do not receive a response for various reasons.

“This issue negatively affects the experience of housing seekers and impacts overall trust in the real estate industry, which we are addressing with ADA,” de Rassenfosse added.

Property Finder, which started as a classified magazine in 2005 by Michael Lahyani, became the first full-fledged digital property marketplace the following year. After more than a decade, the group dominates the digital real estate sector in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (MENAT) region.

Over time, plans are underway to roll out the SuperAgent program to other countries where Property Finder operates.

How can ADA help SuperAgent?

ADA is an in-house data assistant platform that supports agents that consistently rank among the top performers. This is an independent algorithm designed to identify agents who are obsessed with finding a property, always striving to provide the best list of properties and respond faster than any other agent to the applicant’s needs. Based on certain parameters regarding response rates, response times, ad quality, and number of ads removed from generated reports, ADA creates a score for all agents which is then used to list the most market qualified higher in Property Finder. search ranking to ensure property seekers are directed to high quality listings from highly responsive agents. It provides a detailed overview of the area of ​​improvement that agents need to work on, through which top agents are recognized as SuperAgents in the market, receiving more exposure and leads.

SuperAgent will raise the bar in the market, guiding agents towards an improved experience for real estate seekers and ensuring potential buyers have the best experience in the market by identifying high quality listings.

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