The justice system is in balance with the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago

David Brooks’ August 15 column “Did the FBI Just Re-Elect Trump” is emblematic of the fear, hatred and distrust many conservatives have for what he recognizes as coastal cultural elites. Brooks fears that the FBI’s execution of a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago will make the former president a more sympathetic candidate in 2024. If so, which is a highly questionable proposition, and the former president is re-elected, isn’t that what should happen in a democracy?

Personally, I hate almost everything about the former president, but he won the election in 2016 according to the Constitution and therefore was invested. No man is above the law, and if the prosecution of the former president results in his re-election, that’s the democratic process. Certainly any decision not to execute the search warrant by the Justice Department, or any decision not to prosecute the former president on the basis of an election more than two years away, would be so hopelessly political as to would deprive the current Attorney General of all credibility. .

Merrick Garland would become like James Comey, a political hack more concerned with politics than justice. Justice in America would suffer. What is the point of winning the 2024 “battle” for democracy but losing the “war” by irreparably corrupting our justice?

Paul W. Van Ryn


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