Twins who slap coach Varela reassigned to minor league system


The Cubs, Guardians and Twins all announced Wednesday that they will have a new batting coach in 2022. But there is a difference in that of Edgar Varela situation in Minnesota: he was not fired.

Varela, promoted to director Rocco baldelli staff for 2020 when James rowson was hired by the Marlins, will be reassigned to the role of coordinator in the Twins’ minor league system, the team said on Wednesday. So will be Kevin morgan, a longtime minor-league field coordinator who was added to the coaching staff during spring training after bench coach Mike Bell passed away in February.

“They’re going to help help our guys get better in the area of ​​player development, where they’re from,” said Derek falvey, president of baseball operations for the Twins. “Both guys have expressed a strong desire to be a part of this organization and help us improve.… They are really happy to be a twin.”

Varela and Morgan’s specific roles and titles will be announced later this fall, Falvey said.

“As a manager, I have to take ownership of all the decisions we make [about] our staff, ”said Rocco baldelli, who will return for a fourth season as manager in 2022. Passing from Varela and Morgan, Baldelli said. “It was not an easy decision to make.”

Varela and Morgan both have a long history as minor league instructors, Varela with the Pirates and Morgan with the Mets.

The team has already started looking for new additions to the coaching staff. In addition to the roles of Varela and Morgan, they will add a permanent bench trainer and will have to fill the role of advisor and capture instructor held by Bill Evers, who is retiring after more than four decades in baseball.

The rest of Baldelli’s staff, Falvey said, are expected to return, including Rudy Hernandez, Varela’s partner as a batting coach. The Twins’ strikes under Varela and Hernandez were about average for the league, although well below the record-breaking production of 2019. The Twins were without Byron buxton and Mitch garver for much of the season and traded designated hitter Nelson cruz shortly after the All-Star break.

The Twins’ next coach is expected to have some experience using new analysis tools to help make adjustments, a new approach that “has accelerated over the past 12 to 24 months at the major league level.” , Falvey said. “Your players expect to have some of these resources [and] people who know how to use that information, how to translate it for them. “

Colina lost to Texas

Right handed Edwar Colina, a hard-throw starting pitcher who made an appearance for the Twins in 2020, was claimed on waivers by the Texas Rangers on Wednesday.

Colina, 24, has been sidelined all season after undergoing elbow surgery in the spring and then another elbow surgery in late summer, Falvey said. Knowing that his health remains in question and with an offseason of changes to come, the Twins have decided they are unlikely to have room on their 40-man roster for him this winter, Falvey said.

Colina, whose ’90s fastball made him one of the Twins’ best pitching prospects when he was in good health, spent the 2020 season at the team’s alternate venue and pitched a game in end of season, facing four batters, recording one out and allowing three runs. He spent the entire 2021 season on the 60-day injured list.

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