UK’s First Stock Listing Search Engine Launched by ERS

4:45 p.m. 25 November 2021

The largest displacement of workers since the British Industrial Revolution has resulted in a remarkable and prolonged transfer of staff from their workplaces to their homes. This unprecedented and largely voluntary movement is unlikely to be reversed, as working from home (WFH) has become the country’s employment standard.

Upholstery in the home in t-shirts and shorts gave millions of WFH workers the opportunity to spend more time in their kitchens where they could enjoy an astonishing variety of items designed to bring life to life. easier – stuff we take for granted. Yet where would we be without an electric kettle, refrigerator, cling film, wine cooler or toaster?

Our appetite for convenience isn’t limited to cooking, either.

I’m old enough to remember switching channels by hand on a black and white TV (not a daunting task as the nation only had two broadcasters, ITV and BBC). Today we have a host of remote controls for the TV and satellite channels, the DVD player and a host of other devices – some you can even talk to.

As for computers and the Internet: well, where to start? The World Wide Web continues to reveal a host of new ideas and practices that are immediately capable of replacing the established order. Fortunately, some older ideas have been adapted to fit modern life.

Take train and plane schedules online, for example, once the preserve of travel agents. Today, thanks to easily accessible and surprisingly accurate departure and arrival times, millions of people book their own train and plane trips online.

The ease with which we can organize trips to anywhere on Earth, book a restaurant table, reserve a seat in the theater, or pay the electric bill online makes our life easier and, in theory at least, makes us more effective.

Things have changed since one of them was in widespread use.
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In addition, we can be assured that the cost of our plane ticket or the current price of electricity represent good value for money as we can compare them with a range of different suppliers.

Mortgage and insurance quotes also invariably compare costs across the entire market, allowing us to select the one that best suits our short and long term needs.

It is therefore strange that a rapidly growing UK industry, through which people already borrow around £ 4bn per year, has not provided full and detailed product comparisons available to its potential customers. It was until now.

Take a step forward Mark Gregory, Managing Director of Equity Release Supermarket (ERS), the company he founded in 2008, which is today the UK’s largest independent brokerage firm.

“For years, most of us took mortgage comparisons and insurance comparisons for granted,” says Gregory. “They allowed us to look at the available products, their costs and compare a lot of other information, which makes the selection process much easier.

“However, other than a series of very similar – and in some very basic cases – calculators, the equity liberation industry has not, to date, followed suit and provided clients with the same level of detail. “, he adds.

Recognizing this industry-wide shortfall, Mr. Gregory tasked his website development team to change that. In addition to undertaking separate research, the team drew on client feedback, noting an oft-cited sense of frustration that across the private equity liberation industry, online research has failed. not provided enough information to better understand the options available.

The resulting solution is impressive.

ERS is rightly proud of being the first brokerage to install stock release calculators on its website and now has the widest range of calculators online in the industry. Using in-house proprietary software, it continues to dominate the field having recently created the UK’s leading stock publishing search engine, the aptly named ‘smartER’.

Smiling handsome freelance writer working remotely from home.  He is talking on the telephone.

The WFH further highlighted how reliant we have become on technology, including search engines, to perform day-to-day tasks.
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While once a basic equity release calculator provided clients with an idea of ​​how much they could release on their property, they did not offer a view of available plans or their features.

In contrast, the smartER platform provides information about the lender as well as details regarding the specific amount, not an estimate, which might be published.

In addition, the smartER platform displays the interest rate of each product and whether it is fixed or flexible. Additional information, relating to downsizing and inheritance is also displayed, along with details of incentives, such as free appraisals and the level of voluntary repayments that could be made on a lifetime mortgage.

There’s even a free hotline for people to call and ask questions once their equity release comparison data is displayed on the screen.

Mr Gregory calls smartER a ‘market disruptor’ – without a doubt, it is a timely and much needed addition to the UK equity release market.

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