What To Expect With Final Fantasy XIV’s New Housing Lottery System

Getting a house in Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most brutal content deals in the game. Over the years Square Enix has tried to fix the issues, but it never really got better. House search robots and property flippers haven’t made it any easier. As it stands, when a property becomes available for sale it will be unlocked for purchase at a random time within a 24 hour period. Players hoping to acquire the land should camp the sign just outside the property during this time while the spam clicks on the buy option and hopes they are the lucky ones to click on it just when the property unlocks upon purchase. To make this experience a little less chaotic, Square Enix will be implementing a lottery system with the launch of the new Empyreum district in patch 6.1.

When the new Ishgardian neighborhood becomes available, players looking to score a plot will need to visit the neighborhood they want to live in and research their dream location. Lottery periods will last for a period of time before a winner is selected for each parcel. It is important that players think carefully about which house they want to enter the lottery for, as they can only select and enter one plot each lottery period.

After inspecting the location sign, players will now have the option to enter the lottery system for that specific plot by depositing a deposit for the full cost of the house. They can also see how many people entered the draw for that specific location so they can decide which location gives them the best chance of winning based on the number of entries.

It might seem daunting to put a lot of Gil in limbo during the lottery period, but players who fail to win the conspiracy will be able to get their deposit back at the end of the period. However, once a deposit is made, the player will not be able to change their entry or collect their Gil until the winner of the slot is drawn. The lucky winner who wins the plot will have a limited time to claim it, otherwise they will lose both the house and half of their deposit.

The lottery system might not seem like the perfect solution to Final Fantasy XIV’s housing system, but it’s much fairer than the current method. It takes less time, stress and commitment from the player, and simply makes it a game of chance for those who can afford to make a deposit and wait for their lucky day to arrive.

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