Yu Gi Oh! Master Duel card crafting system, crafting points explained

Before the release of Yu Gi Oh! Master Duelfans were skeptical about how Konami would balance the ease of collecting the 10,000+ cards included at launch with the company’s need to take advantage of its free title.

Luckily for fans, as more information about the game was revealed ahead of its January 18 release, Konami unveiled a detailed crafting system that would be present in the game, allowing players to easily recycle the cards they didn’t need or want materials that would help them make the ones they would use.

After completing the Master Duel tutorial, players can access the deck editor and see all the cards they collect by purchasing booster packs and other sealed goods in the store. This is also where players can access the crafting system.

Once in the deck editor, players can search for any featured card in the game and see how to obtain it. This includes the number of Craft Points (CP) needed to spawn the card in question, which varies depending on the rarity of the card.

Master Duel still features card rarities, which essentially dictate how hard to draw a card from a Booster Pack. As of now, Normal, Rare, Super Rare, and Ultra Rare cards are available in the game, with the higher rarities generally representing the most wanted cards.

Players can dismantle any card not obtained through special means, such as the Starter Deck, Structure Deck, or other similar products. Upon completion, players will receive 10 Labor of the rarity of the dismantled card. Doing this three times will allow you to spawn a card of that rarity, given that each card in the game requires 30 Labor of a matching rarity to spawn.

To dismantle or spawn a card, players simply need to find it in the deck editor and open the card view. From there, they can select whatever option they want, as long as they have the necessary CP and the card is not from a special product.

Additionally, dismantling cards with foil on them will grant more CP, though these cards are also much rarer and likely somewhat viable in the competitive meta. Taking them apart probably won’t be worth it. Here is how these different foil finish cards will react to disassembly.

card type Amount of CP given
Royal 30 pcs
Brilliant 15 pcs
Non-Leaf (Basic) 10 CP

There is also an option in the deck editor settings that will allow you to dismantle any extra cards you own. This means the game will automatically search your collection and locate cards you have more than three copies of, instantly dismounting them for CP. And, since you can only use three copies of a card in your deck, it’s a handy feature for those who buy a lot of boosters. Players can also select another option to dismantle selected cards.

Be careful, because you won’t be able to undo the unmount process. Once unmounted, you cannot bring a card back unless you spawn or obtain another copy.

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